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FM News 101.9 "Looks like Craigslist just got a little competition!"
FM News 101.9

60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012 "We foresee SpeedRoommating being huge... the concept is brilliant and is going to steal headlines in 2012"
AG Beat

ABC Eyewitness News "Helps people who need a roommate find a roommate and fast, without complications"
ABC Eyewitness news

What's it all about?

Find roommates the fast, fun and easy way

  • Meet lots of potential roommates in the time it would normally take to meet one
  • Get to know them in a relaxed, social (and safe) setting
  • Meet the roommates before you see the room
  • FREE entry
  • Great central Manhattan location
  • Bring a friend and start your night out here

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